Welcome to the official platform, Mike Hansen for mayor 2014.

Working to make Vancouver the Safest City in the World! 'A city worth living in'. As an independent, I can and will do things that no candidate(s) would think possible. Cut my long hair and give it to Children with cancer! Then I'll introduce democracy to city hall for the 1st time ever in Canadian history! In a democracy The Citizens are the leaders, with their votes. I'm just Your facilitator! Are We ready for democracy In Vancouver? Do We deserve “freedom from colonial bondage and entitlement”? With no 'party' affiliation, I can only 'swear an oath' to you, The Voters. Implementing a democratic office at city hall with full disclosure, transparency and unrestricted Public input on every issue. No more out of control spending on travels, parties, galas, and 'visions' of entitlement. Democracy is our only future. Facilitating democracy in Vancouver will offer the best return for your tax $$$. Fiscal prudence is the order of the day. As mayor I will not travel out of the Greater Vancouver area. Attending all out of area meetings by 'video conference'. “Implementing 21st Century solutions to colonial dysfunctions”! All People in Vancouver deserve a safe and secure city to live, work, play and visit. Vote Mike 4 mayor, 4 change, 4 better, 4 sure.

Making Vancouver The Safest City in the World.

As the Vancouver 2014 election gets closer, We
will be updating more about Mike Hansen's platform and how he will address these and more issues
effecting us all, in Vancouver.
E-mail us with ideas and changes you want in Vancouver.
E-mail, [email protected]
Mike Hansen's campaign is funded by Cannabis sales to ALL over 18.
GST # 822985230
June 01, 2014